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Here are some things to take into consideration prior to planning your event:


  • Whats your style: How do you want to provide food for your guests?
    ~Tray service elegant finger foods circulating on trays for guests to mingle and nibble.
    ~Family Style Food platters served at each table. An intimate option, let your guest break bread together.
    ~Plated meals a more traditional approach with sit down meals
    ~Stations scattered groupings of food. A great way to keep a flow going & encourages people to mingle
  • Head count: How many people are you feeding?
  • Theme: Have you established a theme?
  • Venue: will it be outside, is there a food holding area, is the weather permitting, is the space equipped with tables, would the flow of traffic be congested ,etc?
  • Diets:Are there any food restrictions amongst your guests – nuts, gluten, vegetarian, celiac?
  • Budget: Have you established a budget that you are comfortable with?

Don’t let any of these things discourage you ~ Cherry Bomb Catering will walk you through all of this step by step with ease and professionalism.